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We process the highest number of immigration cases in Australia. Our service fee is affordable and we are paid only if we are successful. We offer various flexible payment options to suit your pocket.

Education Services

  • Our expert counselors guide the students from helping them choose institutions of their interest.
  • We also help students find institutions and guide them throughout the entire period.
  • You will be invited to meet education institution representatives who will assess your application.
  • You will also have the opportunity to discuss course structures and graduate outcomes in our education seminars.


  • Our team members have the knowledge, experience and qualification to assist you to achieve the positive outcome of your immigration case.
  • We are committed to providing our clients with personal , feasible and most cost effective immigration pathway for you.
  • Keeping you well-informed about the progress of your visa application and taking initiative to follow up with your assessing offices about your visa application.

Professional Year Program

  • Choice of institutions and courses in which students can specialise abroad.
  • At professional year course we believe in making dreams come true by laying down a path to academic & professional success.
  • Professional Year Course is the most reliable and dependable support you can find
  • Gain Professional work Experience, build industry network and Qualify for 5 Migration Points.


  • Our concierge service is a dynamic, entrepreneurially-driven, service-oriented process that is determined to deliver value to our customers and continuously evolve our service offering.
  • Our aim is to enrich our clients lives by saving their time and costs, thus allowing them to focus on more important aspects of life, such as work, family and recreation.
  • We help you to manage your ‘To Do’ list which may consume your personal time unproductively like standing in the

PTE Experts

  • Nexco Migration has its own online practice portal to help students track their progress and results.
  • Our Team use the resources and strategies suggested by Pearson, which is always effective.
  • We don’t just tell you the tips but guide you the ways to use them and use them to get the results.
  • We have experienced and trained teachers to assist you, which guarantees you the peace of mind.


  • Get the coaching you need to excel in language and aptitude tests.
  • Study at your own place with convenient online courses.
  • Our course material is designed by IELTS ,PTE and TOEFL experts
  • Our faculty has been handpicked based on their track record of results
  • Nexco Migration is tied up with the British Council and other leading educational providers to deliver the highest quality of coaching.

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